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Heatseeker (1995)Heatseeker (1995)
iMDB Rating: 3.3

Date Released : 15 May 1995

Genre : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Stars : Keith Cooke, Tina Cote, Norbert Weisser, Gary Daniels

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

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A kickboxer declines an invitation to participate in a kickboxing championship where a company plans to plant cyborg-enhanced fighters. When he declines, the company kidnaps his fiancée forcing his participation.

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A Waste of Talented Martial Artists...

Set in the futuristic world of 2019, Heatseeker (a title that has no relevance to the actual film) tells of Kickboxing World Champion Chance O Brien (Keith Cooke), the only 100% human fighter in a sport more and more dominated by cyber-enhanced fighters.

O Briens career is flying high, but meanwhile however Silico (or something like that.... i'll just say Silico!), the worlds leading makers of cybernetic body enhancements, are sponsoring a tournament where they and their rival companies will each enter a fighter enhanced by up to 50% cybernetics, to fight it out and ultimately decide which company is the best, for the world to see. Silico enlist the fighter Xao (Gary Daniels), the powerful fighter who O Brien beat in his last fight. Now pumped up with cyber-technology, Xao is out for revenge. All Silico need now, to ensure huge viewing figures, is the participation of the Champ, Chance O Brien. A little bit of kidnapping later (of Chances frankly unattractive fiancée/manager) and the scene is set for another 'ring of death' martial arts movie to add to the already huge pile. And with martial artists the likes of Keith Cooke (China O Brien, King of the Kickboxers) and Gary Daniels (Fist of the North Star, Bloodmoon), both true undefeated martial arts champions, on display, you'd think it would be a good one. But it isn't.

Albert Pyun is not one of my favourite directors. In my opinion, he has only made one really good film - Cyborg - amid dozens of duds (see Omega Doom, one of the worst films ever), and he has no idea how to film a fight scene. He uses too many close-ups during the fighting so we can't see the fights in all their sweeping glory. Also, he again attempts an 'arty' style that doesn't really work in a film about cyborg fighters, and for some reason, everything has a kind of hazy tint to it..

'Cyborgs Fighting' does sound like an idea brimming with violent possibilities, but the concept is totally wasted here. The 'cyborgs' look just like ordinary men and i really couldn't see any advantage to them having a body filled with cyber-tech. They are no faster or stronger than an ordinary human, and the fact they all get their asses kicked by a pure human verifies this! In its favour, it is not completely unwatchable. Its nice to see the handsome and talented Keith Cooke as a leading man and, being a huge Gary Daniels fan, i enjoyed seeing him as the main villain, even though it was a slightly one-dimensional role. A curious choice was to ditch the usual rock-music during fight scenes for some 'commentary'. Although it was a novelty learning the back-story of fighters who were in the film for about 5 minutes before getting their faces stomped, i couldn't help feeling it all seemed a little pointless..

All in all, Heatseeker is better than most Albert Pyun films (though thats not saying much), and features some talented martial artists, but in the end it is hampered by bad direction, dull fights and a lot of trademark Albert Pyun weirdness (Keith Cooke has an impressive body, but i don't think this films intended audience - ie. male - really needed to see it in all its naked glory!)