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Planet der Kannibalen (2001)Planet der Kannibalen (2001)
iMDB Rating: 5.2

Date Released : 28 January 2002

Genre : Crime, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mystery

Stars : Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Florian Lukas, Vadim Glowna, Barbara Auer

Movie Quality : BRrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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In 2020, Germany is a police state. Two rival TV companies, Alphaplus and Eurolux, are battling each other in the ratings. The Government announces that shortly only one of them will be allowed to continue, so each station will do almost anything to beat the other. Eurolux's most popular show is "Cannibal Talk" in which a Hannibal Lecter-like serial killer gives advice to phone in viewers. Emma Trost works for Alphaplus and her boss Professor Dr. Best tells her that he has information that aliens not only exist, but live among humans unnoticed. He asks her to track them down so that Alphaplus can find a sure fire way of winning the ratings war. Before Emma can get over the shock of this request Best is assassinated and she is framed for his murder. On the run, she must try and clear here name, and increasingly believes that contacting the aliens is her only hope.

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Review :

Curiously enjoyable B grade sci-fi satire.

This is a curiously enjoyable "1950s-style B grade sci-fi thriller" set in Germany in the mid-21st century. Just to add to the 1950s effect, it's shot in glorious old-fashioned black and white.

It seems the government wishes to cut the two TV channels down to one, leading to a "ratings" battle. One station has a quiz show "gold or grave": get the big question wrong and..... The other has a Hannibal Lecter type cannibal, safely behind bars, who answers inane questions from the audience: usually by making suitably threatening displays.

Our heroine works as a market analyst for one of the TV stations, but during a meeting the head of the station is mysteriously assassinated. She flees, only to find that she is blamed for the assassination, as shown clearly on the security camera tape which is shown to the world.

In hiding, she meets the leader of a resistance group. She also meets an astrophysicist who is convinced there are aliens on the loose.

All pretty much normal, isn't it? From there, it all rattles along with various unlikely twists and turns - and no, I'm not about to give the details, suffice to say there is finally a successful resolution of the whole exercise.

Not only does the movie not take itself seriously, it parodies both the 1950s B grade sci-fi film and, through that, the values of popular television programming. All in all, curiously enjoyable if not aspiring to be one of the "greats".