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Scorpius Gigantus (2006)Scorpius Gigantus (2006)
iMDB Rating: 2.0

Date Released : 25 July 2006

Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Stars : Jeff Fahey, Jo Bourne-Taylor, Hristo Mitzkov, Evgenia Vasileva

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Geneticist seeks to make a name for herself by saving the planet from disease by using eons-old antibodies, harvested from enlarged six legged creatures. The creatures don't like being big and escape. Send for help.

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Scorpius Gigantus

Hmm.. well I was surprised when I started watching this, as it appeared
to be in the hands of a vaguely competent director. Well the lighting's
quite good, considering the normal quality of filmaking to be found on
the Horror Channel.

It only grabbed my interest though when I noticed the major in it was
the same bloke who was the major in Carnosaur 3 (aka Primal Species).
having endured that gem of filmaking last week, I carried on watching
out of loyalty.

Turns out the movie is a virtual shot for shot remake of Carnosaur 3 -
even down to the bizarre we were in a warehouse, now we're on a ship
plot twist. Even the "climactic" explosion is a straight lift from
Carnosaur 3.

In its defence, the script, acting and effects are step forward from
Carnosaur 3. Sadly thats still a long way behind pretty much any movie
you will watch.