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Biohazardous (2001)Biohazardous (2001)
iMDB Rating: 4.3

Date Released : 11 May 2001

Genre : Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery, Action

Stars : Sprague Grayden, David Lee Garver, Katheryn Winnick, Michele Santopietro

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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In a small suburban community of Hillsdale NJ, something very strange is happening. Gentech Industries, a research company, has moved their labs and corporate offices to a small, quiet town. Barbed wire fences surround Gentech and no civilians are permitted inside the complex.

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Review :

Entertaining, but make sure you rent it, not buy it.

As far as zero-budget c-movie shot-on-video horror goes, Biohazardous is pretty good. It has a fair few zombies, a lot of zombie vs human action in it's second half and some good direction. Still, fact of the matter is it's still a video-shot basement flick with no budget whatsoever. It's better than almost all the video-shot basement horror I've seen to date, but it has to be said that's not saying a lot, given that all I really have to compare it with are movies like Killjoy, Death Tunnel or the Bloody Murder series. In this company Biohazardous is king of all kings. Outside of this company it's really ropey though.

The odd thing is that it isn't the lacklustre special effects, the dodgy acting or the patchy camera-work that keelhauls's the decision to make it a 'teen' movie that derails the film. I don't really understand why , other than general demographic, all low-budget horror movies have a teen cast. Biohazardous didn't need to be a teen movie and suffers for the half hour we're subjected to the young cast listening to generic metal music (because all teenagers spend every five minutes of their lives listening to bargain basement Korn copyists, don't you know) and smoking joints. Once it's over with, Biohazardous is an energetic, daft and enjoyable zombie-muncher, but guys, why the half-baked Cry_wolf rubbish at the start?

Still, maybe I'm getting too old for this s**t. If you ignore the mentally challenged key cast, there's a lot to like. These plus-points run the gamut from a subtle sense of self-deprecating humour, through a zombie vicar right through to a chainsaw attack that left a wide grin on my face. This is quite a fun movie, almost so much fun you'll forget it's shot on a camcorder in what seems to only be three corridors and a deserted section of park. It's fast paced once it get's it's groove on (about 25 minutes in) and it doesn't skimp on the gore either, with a lot of gross zombie-munching shots.

It isn't Citizen Kane, and people aren't going to be shopping The Shining off their top horror lists on Amazon to make way for this either. Still, if you're beered up and seek a cool horror rental, Biohazardous could be right up your dark, rat-infested alley.