Watch Daehakno-yeseo maechoon-hadaka tomaksalhae danghan yeogosaeng ajik Daehakno-ye Issda (2000) Online

Daehakno-yeseo maechoon-hadaka tomaksalhae danghan yeogosaeng ajik Daehakno-ye Issda (2000)Daehakno-yeseo maechoon-hadaka tomaksalhae danghan yeogosaeng ajik Daehakno-ye Issda (2000)
iMDB Rating: 4.4

Date Released : 30 December 2000

Genre : Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi

Stars : Dae-tong Kim, So-yun Lee

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Sci-fi horror and surreal black comedy conjoins the concepts of Frankenstein, Metropolis and Nikita in the bizarre exploits of a young schoolgirl who is brutally killed by her teacher. In the process of life and technology, they are both interwoven to reincarnate her into the ever-vengeful cyborg in a tragic woe of an ever-increasing killing spree.

Review :

Fails at every aspect

First off, me like everyone else who watched this movie surely was aware that it's a budget production, and would not expect more than what it could've been. But this movie does not fall because of a non-existing budget, but because it's just a complete fail.

Why did I watch it? Well, the idea behind the movie is what made me interested, thinking it might be some sort of fusion between Machine Girl and the Guinea Pig series, hoping for a bold, unpolished, and raw story. Much to my disappointment it's not, and here's why: The acting is pathetic, even if it would be a middle school arts project, every single role is executed without heart or motivation. There's no excuse no matter how budget a movie is to allow such poor acting. The editing and filming is just as bad as the acting, where the movie appears to go for artistic and clever shots in order to intrigue the viewer (like many other budget movies), the reality is that it's just annoying and ruins any form flow in the movie, and does definitely not intrigue. The script is not any better; the story is as coherent as if a five year old would've written it. What else can be critiqued.. well everything but the music, and perhaps three minutes of total footage that was actually cleverly made.

All in all, this is by far one of the worst budget productions I've ever seen. It's an hour of your life - the only reason why I could even finish it - which does not seem like much, but you're better off watching an our of nyancat than spending your time on this.