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Fangs (2002)Fangs (2002)
iMDB Rating: 3.4

Date Released : 15 March 2003

Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi

Stars : Corbin Bernsen, Tracy Nelson, Whip Hubley, Katie Stuart

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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Scottsville is a sleepy town, where the yearly apple blossom festival is usually the only 'memorable' event, so Police Chief Sam Taylor is furious when young cop Ally Parks -who comes from the big city- insists on investigating the death and mutilation of prof. Fuller, who experimented on bats, and soon several other victims, as unnatural bat attacks. She finds a helpful 'expert' in animal controller Dr. John Winslow, and the couple gets help from his inquisitive daughter Genny and her practically in-living high school-friend Logan to unravel how it all ties in with local real estate mogul Carl Hart's dishonest and corrupt practices.

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Review :

Certainly not a 3!!

Alright, so this isn't the scariest movie I've ever watched, and the acting isn't anything that would win an Oscar, but it was enjoyable, fun, and a good wholesome family movie. The violence was minimal, no sex, no foul language, and no blood and gore.

Corbin Bernstein played his role perfectly - by overacting, just what the role demanded. I enjoyed this movie so much, watching it every time it came on TV, that I finally purchased the DVD. I don't think that a movie has to have violence, or sex, or gore just to be a 10.

It is nice to have a movie that I can comfortably watch with my 12 year old granddaughter, that both of us enjoy. Tracy Nelson & Whip Hubley had great chemistry. This is certainly one DVD which won't get dusty from being watched once and put away.