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Modern Prometheus LLC (2005)Modern Prometheus LLC (2005)
Date Released : 19 November 2013

Genre : Sci-Fi

Stars : David Hardegree, Kinji Hayashi, Barry Schwartz, Hannah Sim

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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MODERN PROMETHEUS LLC depicts the corporate launch of a new life form: Human Analogues crafted from the atom up and imagines the first attempt by a species to acquire control of its own evolution through artificial selection. The unveiling of the innovative but not so implausible new product, Human Analogues built from the atom up, begins with scientific zeal and commercial fanfare. Assembled spectators--- "prospective shareholders"-- witness the galvanic animation of vat grown tissue into Human Analogues, followed by programming of the newly animated Analogues, physical demonstrations of their general and specialized uses and surgical procedures to add anatomical accessories. The exhibition's highlight takes place when the female Analogue, after artificial insemination, gives birth to a machine. Ultimately, the proceedings take an unexpected turn when the presentation is infiltrated by a shadow group and the creations begin to behave in a manner inconsistent with their design and ...