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Patalghar (2003)Patalghar (2003)
iMDB Rating: 5.7

Date Released : 31 October 2003

Genre : Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Stars : Tapas Adhikari, Rajiv Nayan Aditya, Masood Akhtar, Subhajit Bagchi." />

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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The film by an débutant director is quite good.It borrows a considerable amount of ideas from Ray like dialogs in poetry or the concept of annihilating pistol.The original story line by Sirshendu has been changed but for good though.The theme has been made contemporary & treatment is good.The character of Begum is bit childish & impractical, though relevant. Actingwise the film has been almost flawless.The most attractive aspect of the film has been art direction.The realism with which the basement has been portrayed is really excellent.Camera-work has been sound and the script has been sleek and easy to digest.The insertion of interesting characters has enhanced the humor of the film.The film also should be given a credit for its melodious songs.The film comes in a time when Bengali children film has become an alien concept and so the director should be given a pat on the back for reviving the almost lost art-form