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Acne (2000)Acne (2000)
iMDB Rating: 5.6

Date Released : 3 June 2005

Genre : Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Stars : Tracey Hayes, Rusty Nails, Jim Darley, Mary Luckritz

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 870 MB


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Franny and Zoe wake up one morning ready to go on a high school field trip. Their plans quickly change when Zoe drinks contaminated water and his head becomes a huge pustule. When Franny comes to aid him, Zoe turns her into a monsterous "zithead." Soon the two of them set off on a bizarre journey, mutating other teenagers, encountering strange suburbanites, and developing a very unusual craving for chocolate. The army starts a statewide manhunt for the infected adolecents as they struggle to remain concious, try to figure out what's happened to them, and draw nearer to a terrifying fate.

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Review :

Who do I talk to to get the that 72 mins of my life back?

Wow, what a really disappointing movie. I appreciated the attempt that this amateurish director/writer was attempting to convey with the grainy B&W film stock and 50's style scoring but that is where the appreciation stops. This movie has too many silly sub-plots with characters you do not know or care about. The main plot of the movie is about a "oil like spill" that affects a small town water supply and changes only teenagers into oozing zitheads with a insane taste for all things greasy and chocolate.

It had a few moments to enjoy but they were brief and all too fleeting. Rusty did capture the B&W B movie genre theme but was unable to deliver a coherent story or likable characters. The editing was choppy and there was a complete lack of character development. It seems he had some inside jokes going on amongst the cast however he forgot to let us in on the humor or the joke itself.

I saw this movie because I was forced to endure it to see a much better movie directly afterward. If this is any indication the director himself, Rusty Nails was there to present this opus and the best he could say about it was, "Well, you know how you put the sh*tty band on first, well consider this the sh*tty band." Rusty I agree this was the sh*tty band and thank God George Romero showed up to the film festival to screen Night Of The Living Dead afterward or I am sure you would have had a small riot on your hands. Note to writer/director Rusty Nails; Keep up the good fight and better luck in the future.