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The P.A.C.K. (1997)The P.A.C.K. (1997)
iMDB Rating: 5.4

Date Released : 14 October 1997

Genre : Action, Sci-Fi

Stars : Sandahl Bergman, Ted Prior, Red West, Dave Scott

Movie Quality : HDrip

Format : MKV

Size : 700 MB


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A UFO expert, a local sheriff, and an FBI agent are forced to team up with an alien warrior to track down and destroy a lethal extraterrestrial robot killing people in a remote forest in Alabama.

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Review :

The Perverse Abducting Children, that's not right.

There's something about movies that have titles which are super long but are shortened down to size to create another title. You have the probably most famous out of the lot, C.H.U.D (which stands for Crap Heated Underwear Department. Or I think it was, Clapping Hands Use Dexterity...I forget), The P.A.C.K., S.I.C.K., L.I.E. and a slew of others. They all belong to their own little party, and one I must admit I love. The group that is, not the movies.

The flick is about a P.A.C.K. (which stands for Piece A Crap Killer, or Pumping Ass Could Kill.....damn, I forget.) who crash lands on Earth, and is out to annihilate every human it sees. I guess it's malfunctioning or something. Groups of morons, ufo experts, sheriffs, the whole shabang come out of the woodworks to try to stop it from wreaking havoc. That's all you really need to know.

It's not a complete waste of time, since it has some really crappy (which means silly) scenes of dialogue, acting, people wasting tons of ammo by shooting at NOTHING. The list goes on and on. Recommendable if you're a fan of Red West (caues he was great in this), Scifi crapfests, and movie names that are spelled out in initials.